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American Idol 2022: The last auditions and a prank from Luke Bryan

HOLLYWOOD – The final round of auditions have begun with 1 platinum ticket remaining – a chance to not only go to Hollywood, but also to skip a round.

Tonight’s opening audition featured Tobias, a college choir teacher from North Carolina who is chasing his dream. He hails from a small town of 89 and told the judges he wants to do it all!

His jacket earned Tobias some style points before he sat down at the piano to perform Stevie Wonder’s “Knocks Me Off My Feet.”

Tobias also showed off some impressive dance moves after performing.

Morgan Gruber comes from the small town of Fombell, Pennsylvania, where she lives on a large 12-acre lot where she hunts and fishes every day.

Tired of staring at all those cornfields, this 17-year-old high school girl tries to become the next idol. She said her late grandmother inspired her to audition.

Morgan has a soft voice and a style of her own that earned her a standing ovation from the judges.

“It was amazing,” said Katy Perry.

“I looked at Katy’s sheet. It showed top 20. My sheet shows top 20,” Luke Perry said.

Kimmie has dreamed of trying American Idol since she grew up singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” in her bathroom. Now she wants to show her daughter Lily that anything is possible.

She is also a super fan of Luke Bryan and received a hug from him tonight.

We don’t often see couples audition for “American Idol,” but Kaylin Roberson from Raleigh, North Carolina, and Matt Gorman from Philadelphia did their best performing an original song for the judges.

They performed together in their new hometown of Nashville and their chemistry showed during their audition, but only one would get a ticket to Hollywood.

Saylor, 18, from Oklahoma, had a music video that went viral when she was younger. She struggled with the personal loss of her father, who left her mother for another woman. Saylor’s emotion poured out during her audition as she performed a song for her father. So much so that she earned Luke Bryan’s second hug of the night.

The most dramatic audition of the night came when an intruder caused moments of anxiety but turned out to be a prank on Luke Bryan.

Cameron Whitcomb from Canada was hard to understand when he spoke but he could do backflips! He never took vocal lessons, never sang in front of people, and gave a surprise performance of “Rock Salt and Nails.”

Emyrson Flora just made music videos from her bedroom, so the odds of making it to Hollywood seemed long. The judges had to decide whether to roll the dice on this “raw” talent.

Sir Blayke is from Chicago but has lived in Los Angeles for several years. He had a tough journey chasing his dream. He started singing solo at age 8 and began chasing his dream right out of high school, moving to Atlanta with just $100 in his pocket.

He is still fighting in Los Angeles but he hopes American Idol will turn his fortunes around.

Carly Mickeal says much of her inspiration and creativity comes from her father, who is a musician. He accompanied the 23-year-old dog groomer during her audition.

Jay Copeland graduated from college with a degree in music and now he’s chasing his dream of becoming the next idol after being given an ultimatum by his graduate school.

He performed Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” for his audition and got Katy Perry dancing.

He was so good he won that special Platinum ticket to Hollywood!

The last audition of the evening featured a ballet dancer. Morgan Gruber has been performing in Germany since he graduated from high school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but he’s also always enjoyed singing. He started posting videos on Instagram and that’s what got him into Idol auditions.

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